Advert Reactions: 10 Advertising Scans From a Dead Mall – Euclid Square

Here are 10 scans of retro advertisements from beyond the dead mall graveyard out of a 1987 issue of Euclid Square News.


Stride Rite

Mothers may trust Stride Rite but kids are certain to hate their mothers when they are forced to wear these ridiculous shoes.

Euclid Square Mall - Stride Rite


If a flower is worth a thousand words, you can say I love you four thousand times with a dozen roses for 18.95…What a great deal!

Euclid Square Mall - Flowerama

Docktor Pet Centers

“If you still have fleas you need to see us”…lol

Docktors Pet Center


Why did these ever go out of style? Seems like everybody’s grandad had one of these on the side of his Lay Z Boy recliner to keep all of the remotes in order.

Euclid Square Mall - Luv

Hough Bakeries

I felt somewhat uncultured when I had to Google “canapes”…after seeing what they are I don’t feel so bad, they look gross.

Euclid Square Mall - Hough Bakeries

My Fair Lady

Nothing screams high fashion like “Sweat Separates”.

Euclid Square Mall - My Fair Lady

The Gallery

Gift shopping would have definitely been an art at “The Gallery” if this Waterford crystal is the most exciting thing they have going for them. I really had to think about the SALE catch phrase on this ad for a while and I’m still not sure I get it.

Euclid Square Mall - The Gallery


This is actually a really good coupon, both the Karmelkorn and CheeseKorn were really good from what I can remember,  not sure I would pass out Popkorn balls at Halloween though. After a Google search I was pleasantly surprised to find Karmelkorn is still in business.


Taco Bell

A Mall food court staple even though Euclid Square Mall didn’t have a traditional food court. Taco Bell is actually pretty tasty in a pinch but I have to question the quality of the steak…But seriously, can you guys just bring back those Cinnamon Crispas already!

Euclid Square Mall - Taco Bell

CPI Photo Finish

The coolest thing I remember about the mall one hour photo places was that your photos would go by individually on a conveyer type machine as they were printed, and you could stand at the storefront window and watch. It was also nice that “Double Prints” were always included.

Euclid Square Mall CPI Photo

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Euclid Square Mall by turboglyde

Rolling Acres Mall – Full Video Tour 1-7-2003

Rolling Acres Mall header logo

Rolling Acres Mall Video Tape

This video cassette was found in the rubble of a mostly demolished Rolling Acres Mall. The tape was supposedly sent to potential buyers to help showcase the many beautiful features of the mall.

I acquired this video in early 2017 but it wasn’t until September that I finally hooked up my VCR to watch it. I had no idea what was on the tape and upon watching I was absolutely flooded with emotion and memories of Rolling Acres Mall. I watched the video at least 5 times that night and dozens more in the weeks that followed, it just never really got old.

Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Smooth Jazz by Pat Metheny
  • The Janitor cleaning the fountain in the court of twelve trees
  • The flickering storefront lights at the USPS store
  • Escalators in motion
  • The chandelier
  • Picnic Place
  • People shopping

This video is around 14 minutes long and it’s really worth watching the whole thing. It’s a full video walkthrough of an alive Rolling Acres Mall albeit long past it’s prime days.

Please let me know in the comments below what your favorite parts were.

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2000’s Rolling Acres Mall Logo – White Text by turboglyde