Court of the Twelve Trees – Rolling Acres Mall

This 1979 Ohio Edison publicity photo shows the fountain in The Court of the Twelve Trees at Rolling Acres Mall. This is the only photo I’ve ever seen showing the fountain running in full in its full glory (the main fountain as well as the smaller fountains).

If you look close you can see a Davy Jones Locker store peeking out from behind the fountain and lush foliage. This was one of my absolute favorite storefronts in the mall. I was always fascinated with their nautical theme.

court of the twelve trees rolling acres mall
1979 Rolling Acres Mall – Akron, Ohio

The below image shows a difference of about 20 years. The mighty twelve trees that provided amazing scenery and a sense of living have been removed. The smaller fountains no longer in operation. Being the late 90s and mall traffic had greatly slowed, its somewhat surprising the fountain was even still in use at this point.

rolling acres mall fountain in the 90s
Late 90s at Rolling Acres Mall

The fountain, the trees and the mall are all gone now now, but many of us still have the wonderful memories of this magnificent shopping center.

For me, most of my memories of Rolling Acres Mall come from the 80s, and the logo on the shirt pictured below is the logo I most identify the mall with. What a wonderful time to be at the mall…

Rolling Acres ShirtThis cool shirt and as well as many other classic retail related gear is available from Untitled Colours.

I have this shirt and love it. Be prepared for people to strike up a conversation about the mall, it happens nearly every time I wear it.

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