Christmas at Rolling Acres Mall

Rolling Acres Mall Fountain Santa

“Our Christmas wish for you are these: May you always see Christmas with the eyes of a child. May you always know the warmth of love, the joy of giving, the magic of Santa Claus and the wonder of a star. May your days be filled with laughter and your lives be filled with peace.” from the Rolling Acres Merchants (The Akron Beacon Journal, 1991)

Rolling Acres Mall 1998 Gingerbread Man Dillards

Rolling Acres Mall Christmas 1998

Rolling Acres Mall Christmas 1998 Payless Shoes


Rolling Acres Mall 1998 Dillards

and Reindeers…

Rolling Acres Mall security

and Bears…

Rolling Acres Mall Dillards Christmas

Oh my!

Zales Roling Acres Mall

Rolling acres mall fountain

Seriously, how long is this going to take?

Christmas Rolling acres mall

Rolling Acres Mall Christmas

On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me…denim and a black light.

Christmas Rolling Acres Mall

Rolling Acres Mall

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a department store with three Christmas carolers near.

Rolling Acres Mall Fountain

I’m sorry, but that floor, how did they get it so shiny?

Rolling Acres Mall Fountain

Rolling Acres Mall

Well, this is a little sad.

Rolling Acres Mall REindeer

JB Robinson Rolling Acres Mall

 ♪♫ JB Robinson ♫♪

JB RObinson ROlling Acres Mall

Rolling Acres Mall Christmas Train

 Best darn job in the mall!

Rolling Acres Mall Christmas     1998 WQMX Rolling Acres Mall

Could it be the WQMX “Wish Upon A Star” Wish Wheel where you could spin for a free trip, a telescope kit, or a $1,000 shopping spree? I’m in!

Northern Reflections Rolling Acres Mall

That reminds me, I still need to get my Christmas cards.

Rolling Acres Mall Entrance

Wow, that Post Office was also in this great video.

Rolling Acres Mall Fountain

Rolling Acres Mall Fountain 1998

Ahhhh, I think I’m going to rest right here on this beautiful bench and just take in all the glory that is Rolling Acres at Christmastime.

Rolling Acres Mall Elevator

Meanwhile, on the other side of the mall.

Rolling Acres Mall

May your shopping bags be full, and your local malls stay open!

Merry Christmas from everyone at

Frederick's of Hollywood - Rolling Acres Mall

3 Replies to “Christmas at Rolling Acres Mall”

  1. I worked at Rolling Acres Mall for numerous years. Stores included at the time were JoAnn Fabrics and Northern Reflections and helped at Bridals by Philvens when needed. Carry many memories with me especially at the Holidays. Miss this mall.

  2. I was watching the show “abandoned “. Rolling Acres was featured. It broke my heart.
    I grew up in akron until i was 10. I now live on coastal NC.
    I have such fond memories of this mall especially at Christmas.
    My mom has passed and my dad is still in Cuyahoga Falls.

    It saddens me to see the state of many places I loved . It seems much of ohio has had economic problems.
    I wanted to thank those who have shared picts. I’d like to thank the gentlemans family of the train conductor. I’m sure i drove him nuts, lol.
    Thank you again and God bless you all. God bless Akron and the rest of OH.♡

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