Complaint Department – Merry Go Round

The Merry Go Round store at Rolling Acres Mall definitely had a rather long rap sheet with mall management. In this early complaint, a written warning was finally given from Vivian Poe, the Mall Manager to store employees after multiple verbal warnings were ignored about playing the music too loud.

Rolling Acres Mall Complaint
Written warning from the desk of Vivian Poe.

Through exhaustive research I was finally able to track down the image below via a Merry Go Round Alumni Facebook Group which shows two of the possible perpetrators working at the store in question. The photo was taken near the date of complaint so these two must be considered suspects.

Two Merry Go Round store employees at Rolling Acres Mall in the early 1980s showing signs of obvious guilt and remorse.

In these girls defense they were probably just doing what they were told. There have been many studies on the volumes and genres of music played to retail shoppers. Some studies say that loud music disorients customers, while others say certain types of music makes a customer spend more money. There’s even a theory about how playing music loudly keeps certain age groups out of the stores which would otherwise detract from the target customers experience, which makes perfect sense as I never noticed the loud music when I was younger, but now an older age I steer far clear of these stores.

Advert-Reaction – Merry Go Round

What could possibly be better than denim on denim? When it’s IOU denim from Merry Go Round of Course! The pastel accent down the leg, the soft blue denim, stone-washed to perfection with pegged pantlegs, and a matching denim jacket to boot. I’m not sure if a more timeless look has ever been created.

IOU denim from Merry Go Round

As amazing as their women’s fashions were, Merry Go Round also found success in selling trendy high-fashion clothes to young men with brands such Skidz, Z. Cavaricci, Major Damage, Get Used, Cross Colours, as well as in house brand IOU.


“They’re just rad”

– Clayton Phipps, Merry Go Round customer, Owings Mills Mall -1991

Destination: Merry-Go-Round Corporate Headquarters

Merry-Go-Round corporate office

Merry-Go-Round corporate office

We moved into our new corporate headquarters in March 1976. Located in suburban Baltimore, this modern building has centers for distribution and computerized data processing, as well as housing all administrative and clerical functions.

Merry-Go-Round corporate office

And with 30,000 square feet of office space and a 100,000 square foot warehouse, we have ample room to accommodate our expansion plans.

Merry-Go-Round corporate office

Make sure everyone knows you mean business with your own Merry Go Round shirt by Untitled Colours

Merry Go Round by turboglyde