Advert-Reaction – Merry Go Round

What could possibly be better than denim on denim? When it’s IOU denim from Merry Go Round of Course! The pastel accent down the leg, the soft blue denim, stone-washed to perfection with pegged pantlegs, and a matching denim jacket to boot. I’m not sure if a more timeless look has ever been created.

IOU denim from Merry Go Round

As amazing as their women’s fashions were, Merry Go Round also found success in selling trendy high-fashion clothes to young men with brands such Skidz, Z. Cavaricci, Major Damage, Get Used, Cross Colours, as well as in house brand IOU.


“They’re just rad”

– Clayton Phipps, Merry Go Round customer, Owings Mills Mall -1991

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