Blueprint Archive – Lerner Shops at Euclid Square Mall

Today’s entry to the Blueprint Archive is this lovely sign drawing from Lerner Shops at Euclid Square Mall. The mall, which was developed by Jacobs, Visconsi & Jacobs would open in 1977 and the Lerner Shops would follow suit shortly after opening in 1978.

architectural drawing euclid square mall
1978 sign drawing for Lerner Shops at Euclid Square Mall

In the 1970s Lerner Shops had already established themselves as a major player amongst women’s fashion retailers. At one point they were even America’s largest chain of fashion specialists. Held in high regard amongst multiple generations of shoppers, Lerner Shops would offer all of the newest styles to complement any occasions, from  daytime versatile to nighttime alluring, customers knew they could find the look they were after at Lerner.

Lerner Storefront
Though not the Euclid Square store, This image from a 70s Rapid-American Corporation (majority owner of Lerner Shops) annual report shows what the finished storefront may have looked like.

The Euclid Square Mall store would eventually move from space B-252 to the A-156 location where it would remain until closing in the early 2000s.

After its days as a Lerner, the store A-156 would go on to become the Euclid Beach Boys Event Center and Museum which featured memorabilia from local amusement parks Euclid Beach, Geauga Lake, and Chippewa Lake.

Lerner euclid square mall
Store A-156 – Lerner at Euclid Square Mall marked for doom in its final days during the malls demolition.

Blueprint Archive – Euclid Square Mall Site Plan

Retailers Higbee’s and The May Company, along with developer Jacobs, Visconsi, and Jacobs were looking to build a shopping center on the property of the Chase Brass Company located on Babbitt Road. However with that property currently zoned for industrial use, the decision would be left up to people of Euclid to decide if the land should be rezoned. So it was put it to a vote in 1973 with the result being nearly two to one in favor of the mall.

Euclid Square Mall Blueprint
1977 Site Plan of Euclid Square Mall shows a general mall layout flanked by its two anchors, Higbee’s and the May Company.

The mayor at the time, Harry J. Knuth, who was a long time champion of the project considered the mall “One of the greatest things that ever happened to the city of Euclid”. Richard E. Jacobs, President of Jacobs, Visconsi, and Jacobs added that the malls developers “want to prove to each resident of Euclid that the city will benefit from this development and become an even better place in which to live in the years ahead”.

Artists Rendering of Euclid Square Mall
An artists rendering of Euclid Square Malls interior shows Mr. Richard E. Jacobs vision of a better tomorrow for the city.

Mr. Jacobs was right. The Euclid Square Mall would eventually open in 1977 and pay immediate dividends in the creation of nearly 2,000 jobs, plus huge increases in income to the city from real estate tax on the new mall which helped the city avoid raising its taxes.

Advert Reactions: 10 Advertising Scans From a Dead Mall – Euclid Square

Here are 10 scans of retro advertisements from beyond the dead mall graveyard out of a 1987 issue of Euclid Square News.


Stride Rite

Mothers may trust Stride Rite but kids are certain to hate their mothers when they are forced to wear these ridiculous shoes.

Euclid Square Mall - Stride Rite


If a flower is worth a thousand words, you can say I love you four thousand times with a dozen roses for 18.95…What a great deal!

Euclid Square Mall - Flowerama

Docktor Pet Centers

“If you still have fleas you need to see us”…lol

Docktors Pet Center


Why did these ever go out of style? Seems like everybody’s grandad had one of these on the side of his Lay Z Boy recliner to keep all of the remotes in order.

Euclid Square Mall - Luv

Hough Bakeries

I felt somewhat uncultured when I had to Google “canapes”…after seeing what they are I don’t feel so bad, they look gross.

Euclid Square Mall - Hough Bakeries

My Fair Lady

Nothing screams high fashion like “Sweat Separates”.

Euclid Square Mall - My Fair Lady

The Gallery

Gift shopping would have definitely been an art at “The Gallery” if this Waterford crystal is the most exciting thing they have going for them. I really had to think about the SALE catch phrase on this ad for a while and I’m still not sure I get it.

Euclid Square Mall - The Gallery


This is actually a really good coupon, both the Karmelkorn and CheeseKorn were really good from what I can remember,  not sure I would pass out Popkorn balls at Halloween though. After a Google search I was pleasantly surprised to find Karmelkorn is still in business.


Taco Bell

A Mall food court staple even though Euclid Square Mall didn’t have a traditional food court. Taco Bell is actually pretty tasty in a pinch but I have to question the quality of the steak…But seriously, can you guys just bring back those Cinnamon Crispas already!

Euclid Square Mall - Taco Bell

CPI Photo Finish

The coolest thing I remember about the mall one hour photo places was that your photos would go by individually on a conveyer type machine as they were printed, and you could stand at the storefront window and watch. It was also nice that “Double Prints” were always included.

Euclid Square Mall CPI Photo

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